More Evidence that David Eason is Just Using Jenelle

Jenelle Evans

Our hearts ache for the teen moms, 'cause after all, they're all so vulnerable to exploitation. In fact, when you consider how vulnerable they are, it actually makes sense to us that Bri and Javi would date.

Makes sense to want to be with someone who understands life behind the cameras.

But noone is more exploitable than Jenelle, who as Babs has pointed out, will give her entire heart up to a man who shows her any love and will do anything to support him.

Now that David has been fired from Teen Mom, it looks like he's been job hunting, and found a gig right in Jenelle's pocketbook. Yep, folks, it looks like David Eason has become the proud owner of a scuba diving business.

According to Starcasm, it looks like David may have bought the business from the husband of Jenelle's best friend.

Of course, David has made sure to include a pic of both himself and Jenelle in his new Facebook ad for the business.

So, what does Jenelle think about her husband's new gig? We have a strong feeling that Jenelle's relationship with David is going to be headed in the same direction as Amber's relationship with Matt Baer. This gal is going to find out that David has been moving money right and left and definitely spending it where he shouldn't be.

It doesn't take a psychic to predict that.

Will the business be featured on the new season of Teen Mom. We find it hard to believe that David would miss out on an opportunity to feature his business on TV but it is possible that the gig is a recent event.

We can't wait for the next episode Teen Mom 2. Check back with us next week for our recap.

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