Michael Abraham Fights Back and Tells His Side of the Story: Teen Mom Junkies Exclusive!!!

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It's Friday and Teen Mom Junkies has the goods for your on this fine morning! Yes folks, we managed to nab an exclusive interview with Michael Abraham. Now why has Michael got something to say right now? As y'all may know, we recently published an exclusive interview with Deborah Danielsen, revealing a number of details about her experience being catfished. The book was a re-release of the original publication.

Now, what made the re-release particularly juicy was a number of things Deborah had to say about her marriage to Michael. Like the drugs, sex and rock and roll details.

But now, Michael is telling it like it is and revealing his own perspective. Read on to find what he had to say:

Teen Mom Junkies: Tell us your perspective on what Deborah had to say about your relationship in Vapor - what are you thoughts about her statements about your marriage.

Michael Abraham: I would challenge all of the details she's released in this second book by asking the question, why didn't she write about this stuff in the first book? Why didn't she talk about all of these things on Marriage Bootcamp: Family Edition.

I mean, here's a show that all of us went on in order to resolve a lot of our family's issues. So if these things really happened, why didn't they come out before?

Teen Mom Junkies: How about what Deborah had to say about your infidelity?

Michael Abraham: So she wrote about my 22 affairs...22 affairs?! I mean this is such fiction. It's like she got it from the bs rap song that she put out there. And here's the thing, I'm the one with the paperwork and the proof to back up exactly what happened. There are legal records of our divorce that state what happened in our marriage. I mean, I walked away from a $4.4 million estate.

And there are documents from our prenup. People want to talk about how I failed a lie detector test on Marriage Bootcamp; I defeated the lie detector test 6 times - they could not determine if I lied or not. But we were there to help Farrah so the matter of my relationship with Deborah was irrelevant.

The fact is, this is an example of Deborah wanting attention.

Why else would a woman of her age and station make rap music? And, I also want to point out that it was Deborah who tried to get me back.

And she made statements about how I made comments to her about her weight; that is bs; I never, ever said those things.

Teen Mom Junkies: How about what Deborah had to say about your drug usage?

Michael Abraham: On the drug usage, yes, I will say I have used drugs in my life. But that was a long time ago, way back before I was even married or had kids.

And I want to say that this is true for like 80% of the people in this country, that they have used drugs at some time in their lifetime.

On the other hand, a lot of the teen moms on the show and others have actually used drugs recently. How about Ryan's car scene, or Catelynn smoking pot?

Teen Mom Junkies: What's your perspective on the relationship between Deborah and Farrah?

Michael Abraham: Deborah is manipulative, controlling, and narcissistic. I mean, think about the last episode of Teen Mom OG? I mean, why would you bring up Derek now? She abused her daughters, she's manipulated them. But she had ulterior motives, she wants to be on TV. I'm proud of Farrah; she stand on her own and she is a good mother to her child. People make fun of the way that she talks on the show; but she and I, we both have speech impediments. That's a medical condition.

Teen Mom Junkies: What are your thoughts about the current conflict between Farrah and Viacom?

Michael Abraham: I'm a Christian, so values are important to me. So I'm gonna point out that MTV is holding Farrah to a double standard. Here they are filming a show about pregnant mothers smoking and doing all kinds of things. Farrah is the only mother who supports herself completely, the only one who has not had a child irresponsibly with multiple baby daddies And yet, she's the only one who's being given a hard time.All these people will talk about how she's made prn but the reality is, porn is very common in teen pregnancy.

It turns out that 68% of single moms will get involved in porn. People want to say that I cave to Farrah; I never took one dime from Farrah - I never got paid by MTV until recently.

I do my own thing, I'm a tech consultant and business development expert. I judge startup at SXSW and I am startup investor and advisor.

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