Mackenzie is in trouble -- and that driving video is not likely to help her

mackenzie standifer

It looks like Mackenzie Standifer (yes, we know it's Edwards now, but whatever) may be in some hot water over Hudson.

According to Radar, her baby daddy Zach Stephens may be suing her over custody. Said a source: "She never has Hudson.

It's her mom, Ryan's mom Jen or Zach watching him. Zach doesn't feel with her is where Hudson needs to be." They're claiming that Hudson screams when he has to leave Zach.

If they go to court, the driving video, and Mackenzie's ability to responsibly care for someone, are sure to come up in a trial. As you may remember, Ryan was shown on Teen Mom OG driving while apparently under the influence of something...and Mackenzie did little to stop him.

Since then, Ryan attended rehab, and Mackenzie has stayed by his side. But the way she's acted as portrayed on the show does not look good for her.

Of course, the fact that she's been married twice by the age of 20 isn't so helpful either...

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