Mackenzie Standifer Could Be Quitting Teen Mom

mackenzie standifer

There is an incredible amount of pressure that comes with being a star on MTV's Teen Mom.

Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan Edwards' now wife, could be starting to fold under that pressure. So, does this mark the end of Standifer's appearances on the hit MTV show? It very well could.

"I quit. I quit living my life caring about what others think of it. I quit responding to the stupidity that seems to follow this world. I quit giving a rip about who doesn't like this or that ( if ya don't like it, don't read it.) I quit the A N X I E T Y attached to it. I quit living a life of social norms and accepting that wife-hood and motherhood are simply not normal. It's hard. It's ugly at times. It's brutal and it is a dog eat dog world out there. But it's worth it. It's worth the struggle, it's worth the pain and it's worth the work. Sometimes you just have to quit. And sometimes quitting can be a beautiful thing. Because oL I F Eo and {LOVE} are beautiful things."

That was the caption of an Instagram post which featured a big "I Quit" button.

Standifer did not specifically site the show. Though, she did mention that she was going to quit responding to the "stupidity that seems to follow this world."

In weeks past, Standifer was accused of liking a post by Ryan Edwards who was trying to stick up for his wife but ended up contradicting her initial anti-bullying message.

Until we know a little more about her true intentions we're going to keep out speculation as a maybe.

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