Mackenzie Standifer blames the other women for Ryan cheating -- See the messages

MacKenzie Standifer

I think we all saw this coming... After the evidence of Ryan cheating surfaced, Mackenzie appears to have taken notice. And of course, she's blaming the other women.

According to Radar, Mackenzie texted one of the other women with this: "No but it is your fault you continue to message a man you know is married." This was after the woman texted: "I'm not sure why you're mad at me when it's your husband's fault."

It looks like Mackenzie suspects (or knows) Ryan has been cheating with a lot of other women. In response to one woman who asked why she would sleep with Ryan, Mackenzie wrote "same reason every other slut does."

What Does Mackenzie Know?

When I read these texts, the first thing that came to mind was Mackenzie's response to Ryan's drug abuse.

You may remember that she insisted that she was totally unaware of the drug abuse -- until right before she sent Ryan to rehab.

During the infamous drive to the wedding, when Ryan was swerving and falling asleep, Mackenzie claimed she had no idea what was going on -- and she had absolutely no clue that Ryan may be on drugs.

Well, as we see from the texts, Mackenzie appears to be a lot more clever than she lets on.

At some point (we don't know if it started before the wedding) she figured out that the cheating was going on. But she tried to cover it up and blame the other women.

Mackenzie now seems to be sort of in hiding.

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