Mackenzie Edwards Answers Questions About Rumors Ryan Failed Drug Test

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There were rumors going around over the past few days suggesting that Ryan Edwards had failed a court-ordered drug test (testing positive for meth as well as prescription drugs).

According to the rumors, because he failed the test, he lost all visitation rights with Maci, and Mackenzie lost custody of her son as well.

We didn't write about it because it seemed really questionable.

But Radar has since talked to Mackenzie, and she told the publication that the stories are not true.

She also said that Hudson is currently right here "next to me." She correctly noted that "if Ryan failed a court-ordered drug test he would be in jail." In fact, only a few days ago, she posted pictures of Hudson online.

Additionally, Radar contacted the court where motions in Mackenzie's case would be filed, and they confirmed there are no new files.

So there's one rumor debunked.