Maci May Not Have Finished Naked And Afraid, But Neither Would You

Tyler Mckinney

Maci caused quite a bit of commotion on Twitter after she had to leave Naked and Afraid early.  But she wants everyone to know that it looks easy from the couch.

After a good start, Maci lasted only two days on the show.

At the beginning of her time on the show, Maci surprised her cast mate and the crew by building a fire. But that night, things started to get difficult, and by morning, Maci was saying she "never felt that miserable."

Over the second day, she was crying, talking about how "everything hurts." And by the middle of the day, she decided to tap out.  

Although she was shamed by a lot of people online, we have to many of us could have even done two days.

We couldn't have. Maci tweeted about how proud she was, and threw in a little dig at the haters:




Good job, Maci!  Even getting through 24 hours is quite a feat in the jungles of Nicaragua.


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