Maci Bookout's Tummy Gets An Inspection

Let's add the teen moms to the list of celebrities that fans are constantly surveilling for a question of baby 'cause that's how things seem to be rolling for the teen moms of MTV. Who's the latest victim? Looks like it's Maci. 

Now, the last time we heard from this teen mom OG, she and Taylor were talking about adopting.

But of course, that's likely to be a lot of poppycock, considering the teen mom have an endless amount of potential benefit from getting pregnant - especially if they can manage to be filmed while pregnant.

What ignited the controversy? It turns out, it's Maci's tummy of course! Boy that must be humiliating on days where Maci has just had a really large burger. 

In any case, Maci's camp has been all over this since she's apparently had a LOT of "exclusive" sources telling the press about how she has PCOS, looks bloated because of it, but is also a champion of all women with PCOS.

Okay, seriously, being a champion for PCOS is a like being a champion for a trigger finger. It's just not something one becomes a champion for - are we right or not?!



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