Looks Like Leah Moved On Fast From Jeremy

Teen Mom 2

The past few episodes of Teen Mom 2 have seen Leah moving in the direction of getting back together with Jeremy. First there was the coy phone call with Jeremy in which he told Leah how much he felt she'd changed and how he now admired her. Then there was the flirtatious conversation in which we learned Leah had actually slept with Jeremy over the past year.

Finally, we saw Leah going out on a pseudo-date with Jeremy, taking Addie with them.

So what gives? Was this part of a script for Leah in an attempt to make her storyline more interesting or was there a point at which she really was going to get back together with Jeremy.

Because it turns out, Leah actually has been dating someone new! According to the Ashley, Leah has recently started dating a new guy who she met locally named Jason, who works in medical sales.

And it looks like Leah has been taking this relationship pretty seriously too, considering that she won't even allow the MTV crew to film the relationship.

Wow, hmmm, a teen mom unwilling to milk her romantic life for the cameras and money, shocker!

So will the third time be the charm for Leah? And will Leah be able to avoid yet another pregnancy with this new potential baby daddy? Hmmm, we'll soon find out 'cause if one thing's for sure, there's no way MTV isn't going to allow Leah to film a season without showcasing a pregnancy.