Looks Like Farrah Abraham and Her Mom Debra Danielsen Are Speaking

Debra Danielsen and Farrah Abraham

Well it looks like Farrah Abraham may be receiving her invite to her mom's wedding.

The two have recently reunited and it's coming out to the public just days after the announcement of Debra Danielsen's upcoming televised wedding. Things are getting plenty interesting for Teen Mom OG.

"Farrah Abraham has reunited with her mother Debra Danielsen after months of being estranged," reported RadarOnline.

"It was my mom's 80th birthday so Farrah and Sophia came to Iowa to celebrate with my family," Danielsen said, according to the report.

"It was a great surprise."

Yes. It was a huge surprise to all of us.

What doesn't suprise us is the fact that the two still have yet to get along completely. According to the report, Danielsen believes that they are still trying to find common ground, though this visit shows some progress.

"We haven't found it yet. It's hurtful that we find ourselves in this situation. I'm praying to God for reconciliation," said Danieselsen.

It looks like we'll be seeing plenty of Danielsen and Abraham in the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG. No escaping Danielsen, she's on her way back!

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