Leah's Dream Shattered As She Bombs Initial Speaking Gig

leah messer

So last night's episode documenting Leah's efforts to become a motivational speaker was just...sad.

We got to see as Leah came up with her dream job, while she spoke with her life coach. Apparently, motivational speaking appeals to her.

Hmm, it's not clear to us why a teenage mother who stumbled upon a lifeline through reality TV would be so inspiring to others, but apparently Leah thinks it is.

In any case, as you listened to that life coach telling Leah what she'd need to discuss in any motivational speech, you just know that life coach was really thinking, "Move bitch, get out the way, that's my jam."

In any case, as expected, Leah "somehow" got the chance to try out her speaking chops pretty quickly.

Yep, MTV was just dying to see her FAIL. So "someone" set up an opportunity for Leah to speak at a meeting for her current multilevel marketing gig selling lipstick.

Now, we couldn't have possibly expected Leah to do that badly. After all, considering she's been on camera for several years and makes a lot of public appearances, you'd think she'd would have performed just a LITTLE better.

But, nope, Leah's speech was an epic fail.

Not to mention, the people at the meeting were probably at least a LITTLE intrigued to see a TV star making a speech.

But considering the looks on their faces when Leah spoke, you just know that she was just that BAD.

Even Leah knew she was bad, considering the number of self-deprecating statements she made about her speech while she was up there.

We also LOVED how Leah blamed her failure on the event itself, "It didn't make sense at a lipstick meeting." Um, no, honey, you didn't make sense, AT ALL.

Can't wait for the next episode where apparently Leah dusts herself off and tries again. YESSSSSSS!!!!

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