Leah Messer Sticks By Her Daughter Ali Through Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy

No we didn't expect her to run. Leah Messer is sticking by her daughter and she is setting a prime example of what a parent in her position should do.

While helping her daughter remain independent despite worsening symptoms, Messer realized that her daughter would need a little help when she's in class.

"The Teen Mom 2 has been open about her daughter Ali's struggle with muscular dystrophy -- a genetic disease that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass -- on the show, and she opened up about her daughter's condition on Monday night's episode," according to People.

"Seeking to provide her with a school aid, Messer, 25, spoke to her daughter's school and successfully obtained one."

Messer has been approaching her daughter's struggles headfirst making sure that she is able to find quick remedies for any issues that arise.

More over, she is becoming a super supportive force and a voice for parents who have children battling other disorders and diseases.

"I'm fighting for Ali -- I'm going to do everything that she needs done," she said according to the report.

"We wanted her to be independent, and at the same time things are becoming progressive."

We hope Ali's condition takes a turn for the better, in the meantime, she has plenty of Teen Mom fans, not to mention her mom and dad rooting for her.

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