Leah Messer Receives A Phone Call About Ali's Health

Muscular Dystrophy

It's going to be a really tough night for Leah Messer on Teen Mom 2.

Every parent dreads hearing about their child in distress, however, Messer is going to have it tough as a preview of tonight's episode found her answering a not so good call.

"The reason I am calling is because Ali is having a hard time catching her breath and I think I need to take to her to emergency room because she says she couldn't breathe," said Messer's ex, Corey, on a phone call.

"When Leah asks if her daughter is okay, the worried father says, 'She's fine...I think it's a little scarier for us. But we'd rather be safe than sorry," according to an ENews article.

Messer is visibly concerned at this point, as any parent in her situation would be. She seems to hold on to her emotions pretty well bu you can tell there is a bit of panic in her.

"A producer then asks the concerned mother if difficulty breathing is a symptom of muscular dystrophy, which the distraught reality star says she does not want to answer, as she rushes off to drop off her other daughter Addie at her grandmother's before rushing to the hospital," according to the report.

Naturally Messer doesn't want to think the worse thoughts in that scenario so instead she books it out of there. We'll have to find out just how serious it is.

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