The Latest in Shocking Updates To Ryan's Recent Arrest

Now that Ryan is once again behind bars for possession of heroin, we think Mac should seriously consider giving him the boot.

I mean, think about it - he's not on Teen Mom anymore and doesn't have a source of income, his supports are quickly waning, he's got a major drug issue, and oh yeah, there's that thing about how he keeps going to jail.

It seems, however, that Mac isn't going anywhere. In fact, she appears to be staying right where she is, parenting her and Ryan's child without a hint of support from him. This, despite the fact that Ryan isn't going to be going home anytime soon.

Word is that while Ryan's theft charge has been dropped, his possession chart is still on and since he'd violated his probation. Ryan will be remaining in jail until his court date on April 15th.

Oh boy. Despite the fact that Ryan has had nothing but problems in the last few years, Maci appears to be moving on an entirely new, highly mature way.

In fact, Maci recently posed with Mac's kids in a new family photo. Boy that Bentley sure has a lot of siblings! That's 3 half-siblings and one step-brother in case you're counting.

We're seriously wondering if part of the reason MTV fired Ryan and Mac is that he simply has two many addiction issues and had become far too much of a liability.

After all, if Ryan overstayed his welcome on the show, can you imagine if he tried to pin all of his medical issues on MTV? We could see that one coming.

However, MTV did fire Ryan and now his exploits are playing out in the online media of the world...



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