Kailyn Lowry's Shocking Diva Behaviors

Kaliyn Lowry has decided that just about everyone else is to blame for her epic fight with Briana. And now, there's new evidence that Kail has taken her diva behavior to a whole new level.

We all know that the last time there was a Teen Mom 2 reunion, Kail acted ridiculous with Briana, acting like she needed a special room just for her and Lux and noting that she couldn't possibly do her makeup in the same room as Bri.

Now, the latest gossip roundup is that Kail actually had her producer fired over the incident with Bri at the Teen Mom 2 reunion. Apparently, Kail felt that her producer JC Cueva instigated the conflict she had with Bri and also interfered in distinct ways that worsened the drama.

Apparently, when Kail complained, MTV backed her up.

Um, isn't creating drama thet job of the producers? Last we checked noone was actually interested in any part of Kail's life that didn't involve drama. The whole reason people watch her is not because she's a mom, but a TEENAGER mother who's supposed to be making a mess of her life.

We don't want to watch anyone who's functional.

The other thing that confuses us about this situation is why Kail isn't taking responsibility for her actions. Whether or not she met with Bri before the show, it's clear that she's the one who got angry and she's the one who escalated a conflict when she didn't need to.

That's on Kail, not on any producers.


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