Kailyn Lowry Speaks Out About David Eason, Javi On Teen Mom After Show

kailyn lowry

Kaliyn Lowry spoke out during the Teen Mom after show last night about several things.

On men: Kail explained the tweet about Jamaica, where she said she found love. It was more of a crush.

Apparently, Kail's ideal guy goes spear fishing and can hold his breath for 4 minutes. She claims she didn't actually talk to the guy.

The hosts brought up the David Eason situation, and David's crazy Facebook post (well, one of them) -- the one in which he wrote about Kail eating Cheetos and saying some "tough guy s--t".

What is the tough guy s--t? Kail says she doesn't know, but it went back to the balloon-knife reunion.

On Javi and Briana: Kail spilled the beans that Javi was asking for her pics while he was hooking up with Briana.

We knew that things blew up between Kail and Bri, and things eventually went wrong with Javi and Bri, but we didn't know that he was trying to hook up with both of them at the same time.


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