Even After Farrah Loses $85k on House Deal, You Won't Believe What She's Worth

Farrah Abraham has finally sold her mansion in the Hollywood Hills. She had bought it as a flip in 2016, for slightly less than $1 million including renovation costs.

She lived in it for a short time, but tried to sell it soon after, and had to continuously reduce the price until she was able to sell it for a loss of $85,000.

That might sound like a lot to the rest of us, but for Farrah it's not that much.

According to The Squander, as of this year, Farrah has a net worth of $3 to $6 million that's quite an increase from before, and quite an increase from what most people thought.

The site reports that in addition to the around $2 million she earned from porn, Farrah has earned quite a bit of money from her MTV appearances, as well as side projects including branding/marketing deals, and businesses.

In fact, the value of her business brand names alone may be upwards of $1 million.

Here's what The Squander says: "Farrah Abraham net worth has been a topic of a lot of dispute over the years. We originally estimated it at around $1 million several years ago. However, according to Michael Abraham, Farrah's dad, her net worth far exceeds $1 million.

Abraham's adult movies alone brought in several million.

And of course she has a good $30,000+ per episode income from MTV, according to reports.

But her father insists her wealth is mostly from promotions and branding/marketing deals -- and via those deals, she has earned several times that $1 million."


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