How Jenelle Created an Even Bigger PR Problem

kailyn lowry

Cease and desist letters are all that the internet is talking about lately given that Jenelle not only decided to send her mother one, but also fired off a couple to Kail and Chelsea.

Now, it's not clear why she didn't bother with Leah (maybe because all Leah talks about in social media posts is motivational speaking jiberish) but one thing we know for sure is that Jenelle means business.

The confusing part of all of this is:

1) Is Jenelle aware of the right to free speech and having an opinion on a TV show star doesn't mean you're defaming them?

2) Is Jenelle aware that her letters seem to have triggered an even bigger backlash on the internet among all teen mom fans?

It seems that ever since Jenelle sent out all of those teen mom letters, the world of teen moms is just biting back again on Jenelle and how she and David are inadequate parents.

Not to mention, now pretty much Jenelle's entire past is being drudged up in support of Chelsea and Kail.

Of course, Chelsea and Kail's camps are also fighting back, pointing out the number of times that Jenelle has gossiped about them.

So what gives?

We have a strong feeling that a lot of this is going to be documented for the next season of Teen Mom 2 OR a lot of this is currently being filmed for Jenelle and David's new show. Does that mean we'll be dying to watch.

Yep. You bet!

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