Kail's Shocking Standards for a Man

kailyn lowry

One of the more shocking admissions that Kail has made recently on the finale of Teen Mom 2 was her standards for a man. Now, while Kail has been throwing some serious shade at Jenelle about the matter of how great David Eason is and generally acts like she's a lot better than the rest of the teen moms, it's clear she's on the show for a reason.

Let's examine, shall we.

When Kail talked about what she'd need in a man when she starts dating again, she pointed out that she needs him to "have a car, have a job and be taller than 6 feet." Now, while some might actually give Kail some credit for these thoughts, we have to say, after motoring her way through 3 baby daddies by the time she's 25, you'd think Kail could offer just a little more introspection on the matter.

Perhaps, "I'm looking for someone with a meaningful career" or "someone who will provide for his children and be a great father."

We're betting that Kail is going to head right back to Chris Lopez by the next season because of her admission that she was still in love with him. Again, while Kail tries to pretend that she knows better, we suspect she has serious issues with self-esteem.

It doesn't take a psychologist to figure out that her anger is a false armor.




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