Kail's Recent Shocking Venture

kailyn lowry

While all of the teen moms have never been hesitant to grow their brands, branch out into industries such as social media endorsements and clothing merchandising, it now seems Kail is moving into a new, shocking arena.. pot infused hair-care products. What? Yep, over the last week, Kail has been out and about promoting a CBD infused line of hair care products.

The line is called "Pothead Haircare" and includes oil treatments, volumizers and leave-in conditioners.

While Kail will be expanding the line, making the current set of products an initial offering, it appears that according to "toofab" she plans to make this the latest of her business ventures.

In her interview with "toofab" Kail also managed to insert some choice words for Farrah, noting again that she'd fight her for charity but she believes Farrah cares more about money for herself than giving anything away. 

Given that her line is CD infused, we have to ask, will Jenelle have any interest in purchasing and using the products?

So what's Kail's latest romantic move? We're just itching to see the next season of Teen Mom 2 and whole Kail will be dating next.

She's certainly kept us guessing with her her relationship with Javi, but now that he's moved on with someone else and had another child, we suspect the coffin is closed on these two reviving any feelings.

So will someone else be introduced as a love interest for Kail?

Stay tuned!


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