Kail's Real Response to the News of Javi And Briana Being Together

javi marroquin

Kail has been keeping up a front for some time that she doesn't care about the relationship between Javi and Briana. Somehow, we find that hard to believe. Let's look at the evidence:

First, Kail has low-self esteem and has been struggling with her weight for some time.

In fact, Kail has come out and talked publicly about she dealt with eating disorders all throughout adolescence and how she has had plastic surgery in order to address her issues.

Now, that she's dealing with another case of extra baby weight, it's hard to imagine that Kail wouldn't be feeling particularly vulnerable about her ex dating someone new.

Second, Kail has been flaunting a new man.

Whether it's the new DJ in her life, or it's Chris Lopez, it's obvious that Kail wants the world to know she's moved on, just a little too much.

If you're so keen on dating someone new and making it an authentic attempt to move past your relationship with Javi, wouldn't you want to keep it on the DL and avoid all of the unnecessary media exposure?

Finally, Kail's kids are involved. Yep, that was Isaac and Lincoln being happily photographed with Javi and Bri's family on Instagram.

Ooof. It's always tough to see your kids with another woman, whether you want to be with their father or not.

So, c'mon now, Kail really wants all of us to believe she doesn't care about Javi's relationship with Bri? Puhhlease, let's keep it real.


None of this is surprising