Kail Teases Getting Back With Javi: But It's Not True...

kailyn lowry

Kail Teases Getting Back With Javi, Sort Of

This morning, Kail tweeted a thread with an interesting cliffhanger:

All of these tweets come after Javi tweeted a photo of himself kissing Kail:

We call BS -- maybe a way to get people to click the links (see below).

First of all, this morning Bri Snapchatted a video with Javi, making it appear that they may be back together. But it's not just that.

Just a few days ago, Kail and Javi discussed the possibility of getting back together after being asked the question on Kail's podcast.

The result was a small fight between the two, in which they both talked about how bad the other was.

Also, note that the photo of them kissing was from the Marriage Boot Camp premiere, which was a long time ago.

All of this seemed to promote an OK Magazine article that used this video as proof that, according to them "Javi Marroquin Shares An ADORABLE Video With Kailyn Lowry Hinting They Are BACK TOGETHER!"

A post shared by Javi Marroquin (@javim9) on

Um, to us that's just a video of them co-parenting...

So why would they all hype it up?

Kail's Picked Up An Annoying Habit From Bri, But It's Making Serious Dough

If you follow Briana DeJesus, you probably noticed that over the last few months, every few hours, you'd see her tweet a random seeming link.

At almost the same exact time, Javi would tweet the same link. Those tweets were sponsored posts that generally linked to top ten lists or something else about Teen Mom.

Well, now that Bri and Javi are broken up, it seems like Kail's picked up the habit...

In fact, now she and Javi are both tweeting out the same links at the same time (does Javi know how to work his Twitter?).

But even though they maybe annoying and kind of spammy, they're worth it, because they bring in quite a bit of dough.

According to The Squander, Kailyn can make up to $5,000 per link tweet, given her 1.37 million followers. It has helped increase Kailyn Lowry's net worth to $2 million.

So was the OK Magazine tweet just a promoted post in order to make more money? We don't know. But it definitely seems suspicious.

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