Kail Spills On What Really Broke Her and Javi Up

kail lowry

We're gonna give Kail some credit for this: She seems to have scored quite the endorsement deal with a new books series coming out that she gave us a teaser about.

The series will be called "He Said, She Said" and give readers the truth about Kail's relationship with Javi.

We have to say, Jo is probably pissed right now, wondering why the drama of his relationship with Kail hasn't been quite as much of a cash cow as Javi's has been.

At some point, we're sure that Jo is coming to come forward and ask for child support from Kail too.

What's smart about what Kail is doing is that her book deal is a SERIES. Yes folks, that means more than one book.

So we can look forward to not only part 1, but likely part 2 and part 3. And guess what? Kail si promoting the series right before the premiere of "Marriage Bootcamp." Hmmm, isn't the timing perfect?

In any case, we're guessing that the book is going to take on the age old question of Kail's fidelity and we're betting she's about to really point the finger of blame in Javi's direction with a sob story about her self-esteem.

Everytime Kail's under fire about something (e.g. her plastic surgery) she makes sure to pull out the "boo hoo, my self-esteem is suffering."

Still, even though we hate to admit it, we're going to go out and buy this book. What about you?

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