Kail Slams Mackenzie on Twitter

kailyn lowry

If there's one thing that Kail seems to excel at it's clapping back at people on Twitter. Whether it's Jenelle, OR Javi, OR Bri, Kail simply loves to unleash the anger on Twitter.

And boy, when she lets it rip, does she let it rip. So who's her latest victim? Why Mackenzie Edwards of course!

Yesterday, we talked about how Mackenzie went postal about MTV - likely letting it rip after the latest round of publicity was released about Teen Mom OG made her extremely bitter about no longer having a job and needing to get off of Ryan's extra comfy couch.

Yep, Mack is definitely going to have to make that wedding business take off now. Kinda sorta hard to do when you need to foot the bill for your fiance's bail AND his rehab costs.

Oof. Boy did Maci hit these two where it hurt.

So, what exactly did Kail have to say in response to Mack? 

Here's what she said on Twitter:

"What the fuck ever bitch."

Oooooh, them's fighting words. 

Somehow, it's okay for Kail to pass remarks about MTV or fight about producers but not okay for Mack? 

Hmmm, we're wondering why Kail took this so personally too? Especially, when she's planning on pursuing another career and has been publicizing her desire to move beyond her role on MTV. It's also interesting that Kail is taking things so personally when she's not the founder of the show nor is she a producer. 



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