Is Kail Going to File A PFA Against Chris Lopez??!!!

Chris Lopez

This week, The Ashley had the scoop on what's been going on between Kail and babby daddy, Chris Lopez.

As one would expect, Chris Lopez has definitely been kicking up the drama after the birth of Lux but apparently, what's interesting here is not that Kail has been keeping him from seeing Lux but rather that Chris has actually been violent with Kail!

According to reports, Kail was concerned about the fact that Chris was becoming abusive.

While it's been reported that Kail wants Chris to eventually have a role in Lux's life, she had been worried about his becoming violent with her, especially when she had been holding Lux.

Because Chris has not been willing to be shown on MTV, the issue has never come to light.

The entire drama brings up the idea of what happens behind the scenes in the teen moms' lives, right? The idea that these moms have a life outside of the camera, does boggle our mind.

In any case, this is definitely one baby daddy drama that's too big to ignore on MTV. We have a feeling that Kail is going to have a confessional pretty soon for the cameras.

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