Kail Claims Javi Was With 4 People Before Divorce, Says Divorce Started Before His Deployment

javi maroquin

Here's an interesting one. After all we've found out on Marriage Boot Camp about the woman that Kail was cheating with, and the stuff that she's done to Javi, Kail has struck back in a short-lived Twitter rant.

We were all so sure that Javi was the (sort of) victim in all of this, and he's done a good job trying to portray his relative innocence. But apparently, things may be more complicated than they seem.

According to Hollywood Gossip, Kail said this on Twitter in response to an angry fan: "You mean Javi got divorce papers before he ever left for the deployment.

[smile] and let's not forget the 4 people he was with before we were divorced. Thanks!"

Here's the tweet:

Nevertheless, not everyone's buying it:

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Instagram post by Kailyn Lowry • Nov 14, 2017 at 10:28pm UTC