Kail and Bri Aren't Gonna Be Happy About This!

javi marroquin

Kail and Bri may have been fighting the wrong fight...because Javi's been off doing something else, and now we know what he's been doing.

According to Radar, Javi's ex- (and apparently current) girlfriend Lauren Comeau are having a baby together.  They've only been back together for a few months, but it looks like Javi works fast.  

Javi had originally posted a tease about baby Marroquin on Facebook, but he has now confirmed the baby.

Radar also reports that Javi has told Kail, and that she wishes him well. No word yet on what Briana thinks...but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

I guess Bri was right when she kept telling Javi not to start something he can't finish...


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Lauren Comeau on Instagram: “You are my greatest adventure ✨”