Jenelle's Snow Vacay's Hidden Secrets

Jenelle Evans

This Christmas, Jenelle decided to sell/tell the story of her family's Christmas winter vacation to the Boone mountains to E!Online and now they're pushing her "#family" moments really hard. This is a thing now for Jenelle - to go from #heroin to #family and push it so hard, all over her social media.

In any case, wwe thought it would be entertaining to dissect her vacation #teenmomjunkie style and add all of the snark we know you are just itching for.

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First, we have Jenelle doing the requisite looking-at-each-other's-noses-shot with Ensley. Ensley's snow gear is cute, but is it just us, or did Jenelle really cheat her family out of a true snow vacay, 'cause there is no snow on the ground.

Seriously, there's about one inch there.

We're thinking someone at this resort was told to blow a whole bunch of snow onto the ground but then ran out of steam and walked out on the job because this winter vacation is missing the most important ingredient: winter.

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Next, we have Jenelle and David trying to convince the world they didn't just have their 5,426 explosive blowout right before they reached this destination. I mean, c'mon, you know that car was filled with screams, not only from every child, but also between Jenelle and David.

Also, we're confused why every teen mom is so obsessed with lip injections. Every star now has the joker face happening because of that strange upturn that lip fillers cause.

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Here we have Kaiser and Jace posing for the shot that's sure to capture the attention of the US army and get these two recruited to fight our next war.

It's also not clear why someone thought this was a picture worthy shot since the background bears close resemblance to a nest.

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And finally, we have Ensley perched on a ledge and looking as if she's about to plummet to her death in just under 5 minutes.

Is it just us, or does it look like there really a city below her there in the background?

Jenelle not only had E!Online post these photos but a few others too and gave her the chance to completely control the narrative. It's clear she's in one huge defensive spiral to defend David and make it look like she and her kids just popped out of a L.L. Bean catalogue.

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