Jenelle's now claiming that Babs and David are getting along...

Jenelle Evans

In a series of tweets today, Jenelle is now claiming that her mom and David are getting along now.  She said that the reason that they're now getting along is that David is "handy" and she "appreciates" that. 

She claims it's all on film and we will see it soon -- which is weird because David is no longer supposed to be on camera...

Jenelle quickly deleted the "it was filmed tweet", but we have captured it for you below.

The whole thing seems very unlikely, given how vehemently Babs was speaking against David after the gun incident (and his social media rants), and how she was talking about David to Nathan.

We're also extremely skeptical about the idea of Babs and David reuniting on camera because David is supposed to stay away from the TM2 filming.

Nevertheless, we'll have to wait and see what happens going forward on the show.

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