Jenelle's Next Mug Shot

Jenelle Evans

The Twittersphere has been absolutely exploding with rumors given all of the drama over the weekend on the Teen Mom reunion and of course, (and thank god!), it all got filmed AND much of the problem was due to Jenelle.

Now, it's clear the reunion quickly became the setup for Jenelle's next mugshot because according to reports, Jenelle laid into Nathan's girlfriend, Ashley.

The rumor is that Babs hugged Ashley, who came with Nathan to the reunion and when Jenelle saw this, her natural inclination was to start an epic battle with Babs.

So, apparently, she starts fighting with Babs, but of course when she spots Ashley, she decided to lay into her too.

Now, as we all know from "Reading Between the Lines," Jenelle has been charged with assault charges for attacking other women before, and so, it's not surprising that her first instinct was to start a huge fight with someone who made her jealous.

The interesting thing about all of this, however, is that it sounds like David had a role in the drama too given the other rumor that David pulled out a knife and stabbing balloons?

Is it just us, or is David starting to seem like the type of person who would live in a cabin in the forest and plot the demise of all of his enemies? Oh wait, that's actually what he's doing with Jenelle on that "land" of theirs.

In any case, apparently, David was at the cast party getting drunk and when the producers noticed it and tried to cut him off, he stormed off and took out his jack knife and started stabbing the ballons on the set.

Our prediction? The drama kicked up by Jenelle and David is really starting to reach a climax and one of these two is definitely headed for a breakdown.

To be fair to Jenelle, it sounds pretty tough to be on a reality show and constantly have viewers making calls to Child Protective Services. On the other hand, we're sure that Chelsea doesn't get any calls.

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