Jenelle's Latest Excuse: David Got 'Tangled' In Balloons

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle now has a new excuse as to why David started knifing balloons at the reunion.

Although we weren't particularly impressed by the scene, it seemed to have scared a bunch of the people there, and there are plenty of people rightfully going after Jenelle on Twitter.

So Jenelle had to come up with something, and this is it:

So David is not capable of moving around balloons successfully, but he's capable of manipulating a semi-automatic weapon? WTF?

But there's more.  According to Jenelle, the origin of the incident was lack of Jello-shots... Babs and Papa randy were able to get them, which apparently pissed off David, and led him to want to leave.  

Um...okay, Jenelle.

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