Jenelle's got some absurd demands to continue filming, and MTV isn't having it...

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been floating aimlessly since the big David Eason blowout a few weeks ago.

Although she wants to remain on TV (where else would she go?), she thinks she has way more star power than she has, and she's trying to fight MTV to get things back on track.

Unfortunately, as Radar reports, MTV isn't having it.

According to their source, Jenelle has hired an entertainment attorney to fight MTV on her behalf. She seems to think she's in some sort of negotiating position, even though nobody's really that interested in working with her anymore.

As part of her demands, she has asked for an exorbitant 'location' fee in order for MTV to film on The Land.

She refused to allow any filming unless the fee was paid. She also wanted MTV to bring back David Eason, which nobody on staff wanted.

Apparently, the crew was extremely unhappy about the idea of working with Eason again, given that he's a bigot.

But they're also afraid because of all of his guns: "No one wanted to film on Jenelle’s property because they were all disgusted by David.

And all of the guns are unacceptable too, people are afraid of what David could do."

Things have yet to be worked out, and the source said that it's still possible that Jenelle doesn't return to the show.

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