Jenelle's Ceasefire with Babs: The Shocking Reason They're Now Pals

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been on a mission to make amends with Babs. As we'd reported in the past, these two have been shockingly cozier over the past few months, getting together and taking a few propped up shots of themselves enjoying each others' company.

So what gives? Is this a plea for attention? A court mandate? A request from Jace's therapist.

The latest get-together, saw these two having some breakfast together with Jenelle even captioning the pic "breakfast with a cute little lady." 



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Whaaaaaat? The last we heard Babs talking about Jenelle and David, she was saying on camera that she was convinced that David was going to come to her house and shoot her.

Like she was frightened for her life around her son-in-law. You know that's a pretty damning thing to say, right?

Then we see Babs hugging it out with David, Jenelle pointing out that Babs and David have made up, Jenelle and Babs having ice-cream together with Jace and now, Jenelle sitting for breakfast pics with Babs.

Also, is it just us, or does Babs look a little weird in that pic too?

We have a strong feeling this is all part of a publicity stunt for Jenelle to promote something. Remember when Javi and Kail were signed on to to co-write their book that they coincidentally tried to generate some publicity for? We're wondering if there's some sort of endorsement deal coming that Jenelle needed Babs to sign on for.

Alternatively, it's possible that Babs is supporting Jenelle on continuing the custody agreement that they still have going for Jace, which may have come under further scrutiny after Jenelle's gun incident aired on MTV.

So what gives? We're sure we'll find out soon enough and keep you posted!



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