Jenelle Pulls Out the Psychiatric Diagnoses

Jenelle Evans

We definitely missed Jenelle last night on the Teen Mom 2 reunion, (this despite Kail's revelation that she was going to "fight Bri") but Babs certainly had a set of troubling admissions that we just had to explore further.

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#1) Jenelle accused Jace of lying about the gun incident to Babs while Jace was there. We all saw Jenelle pull out a gun in front of Jace in her epic road-rage incident, then lie to Babs while Jace was still in the car.

And Babs hashed this out with Dr Drew, pointing it out again and noting that she can't believe Jenelle lied.

Accusing your 8 year-old of lying - woah, that's pretty low. The other thing that's really concerning was Babs's statement that David and Jenelle put too much of an emphasis on guns and teaching their toddlers to fire them!

#2) The Real Reason Jenelle Wasn't at the Reunion. Jenelle claims that she wouldn't go to the reunion because she wanted to avoid the drama and because David wasn't allowed. It's hard to believe that the first is true since it's clear that Jenelle runs toward drama. However, in terms of the second issue, we have to wonder, why has Jenelle been so adhighly uamant about getting David his job back? Why is David so bitter about losing a job that he so obviously deserve to be fired from? We learned today that Jenelle is no longer locked in a bitter contract dispute with MTV and will definitely be coming back for another season.

Well, duh. What else is she going to do for money. Surely, MTV knows that even if they know that she is highly unstable.

#3) Jenelle Doesn't Give Jace His Meds. In a preview of the next reunion installment, we saw Jenelle talking about how she had PTSD and nightmares and was isolating herself in the home.

Hmmmm, well our response to this is, why is she complaining about her psychiatric issues when she refuses to give Jace meds for his issues? Seriously? Talk about pulling a serious dramatic and untrustworthy stunt.



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