Jenelle Evans's Shocking Explanation for David's Pig Abuse

Jenelle Evans

Fresh off the controversy surrounding whether she and David faked their most recent breakup, it seems Jenelle and David just can't seem to help themselves with igniting comments on the internet. Unfortunately, an innocent pig got dragged into things. Literally. 

It appears that David got caught on video (no wait, Jenelle took that video and then posted it, of course) dragging a pig by its hind legs across their property. 

The entire incident was on Jenelle's Instagram Live page, and of course, invited plenty of anger from fans. Here's an excerpt from what Jenelle had to say in response:

They are not pet pigs... we were moving them to their new pin.  I stopped filming because I began filming in landscape mode with my iPhone. Coming to #YouTube soon! #Homesteading #FarmLife."

One of the things that's definitely disturbing about Jenelle's behavior in response to David's antics is that she NEVER seems to understand how serious and concerning David's behavior is.

Whether it's his love of guns, his choices to discipline Jenelle's kids, his rampant homphobia and racism or now, his abuse of animals, Jenelle simply does not seem to care! Is it possible that these are all elements of a culture that Jenelle's always grown up with and beliefs that she simply endorses herself? It seems this is the most likely explanation.



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