Jenelle Evans's Shocking Defense of David's Homophobia

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans shocked just about everyone with her defense of David on the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2. The second part of the reunion episode took place with Dr. Drew flying out to North Carolina to film with Jenelle. 

While David did not come in, Jenelle made sure to be his talking piece. When Dr.

Drew asked about David making homophobic remarks on Twitter, Jenelle pointed out "that's what he believes." And when Dr.

Drew asked about how David might react if one of his kids were gay, Jenelle pointed out that David would still love them but "not agree wiith their lifestyle."

Seriously? This is what Jenelle thinks is appropriate behavior? 

Some other gems from Jenelle's portion were that she admitted she lied about Jace making up the story about her brandishing a gun but that she told Babs the truth after the cameras stopped filming. According to Jenelle, she was scared that she was going to get into trouble.

She also said that she was afraid to leave her house after the incident for fear for her safety.

We don't think we've ever heard a more preposterous story come from Jenelle's mouth. First of all, the idea that Jenelle would be the one to be afraid seems so absurd after she was the one who chased after her victim.

Even David had the sense to tell her that you don't drive to a grown man's home and behave like that.

Second, considering it was Jenelle who pulled out her gun, it's clear that she probably frightened a lot of other people as opposed to becoming traumatized herself. 

Third, the idea that Jenelle would be so concerned about herself as opposed to Jace, is of course, incredibly disappointing but naturally, par for the course for this teen mom. 


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