Is Jenelle Evans's Safety at Risk? Babs's Shocking Allegations

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans just keeps worrying more and more of her family. Of course, in the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, she did have a good point when she noted that her mother Babs only seems to like her boyfriends once she's left them.

Does that mean that there's chance for Babs to befriend David once and he and Jenelle have gotten divorced? Possibly.

Though for now, the main issue Babs seems to have with David is calling him out for being a threat to Jenelle.

Now, we all know that on this season of Teen Mom 2, Babs has been cozying up to Nathan and encouraging him to seek custody of Kaiser.

And she's had plenty to say about how Jenelle is unable to adequately parent Jace and Kaiser.

But now, after Babs's sit-down with Dr. Drew, it appears Babs is truly worried about Jenelle.

In a preview of the Teen Mom 2 reunion episode, Babs told Dr. Drew that "No, I don’t feel Jenelle is okay!” She added, “David is going to hurt her.”

Woah. That's pretty explicit.

We have to say, David does appear pretty fearsome and for some reason, Jenelle always seems to cower in front of him and just give in to everything he does or says, even if it's abrasive toward her kids.

The other hilarious part about this is that Jenelle seems to praise David A LOT for being such a great dad.

So what gives? Is Jenelle truly in danger? Time will tell but we have to say we're shocked that this couple hasn't imploded yet.  


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