Jenelle Evans At War with Radar Over a Pool Fence?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans loves to fight things out. Yep, she sure loves to throw punches.

Whether it's actually responding to online articles or social media drones, Jenelle has clearly never heard of the idea of "taking the high road." But now, Jenelle appears to be in a war with Radar Online over...a pool fence? Yep.

Now, Jenelle has revealed that Child Protective Services has been called on her as many as 20 times.

So you'd think that with that much heat on her, Jenelle would want to make sure that she's absolutely covered things where her children are concerned.

But in the past day, Radar Online posted a series if photos detailing how North Carolina law requires every in-ground pool to have a fence around it.

Of course, Jenelle has decided to wage a full war against Radar Online based on this latest accusation. 

In one tweet, Jenelle wrote:

Hey @Radar_Online , want to change your article before I sue you? Saying I’m breaking the law with my kids because of no pool fence? Now I have to take drone videos to prove you wrong? #FakeNews

In another tweet, Jenelel resorted to swearing at Radar Online.

Jenelle also made sure to actually take a drone video and post it on Twitter. Wow.

Now that's going to great lengths. As an aside, we will also point out that whoever was flying this drone actually did a great job doing it and filming the pool.

So what do you think? Did Radar go over the line by reporting on the extent to which Jenelle is obeying building codes? Or does Jenelle need to learn how to ignore the tabloids and let a few things go in life? 



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