Jenelle Evans Takes Aim at Farrah Abraham

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans loves to get on twitter and feud with people just as much as the president does. Yep, now Jenelle is taking aim at Farrah it seems. 

Looks like Jenelle was really upset that Farrah got to bring a "plus one," her daughter Sophia, to the CMT awards and Jenelle didn't. Only, Jenelle managed to mess up on expressing this on Ttwitter:

Porn star going to the MTV awards with a plus one but I was invited and could bring David?! She was fired not me... lmao wowwww. @MTV

We take issue with this statement for several reasons. 

First of all, Farrah brought her kid. Her kid.

Not a date, her kid. Why is Jenelle now taking pot-shots as a kid? We're pretty sure if Farrah ever took aim at Jace, Jenelle would book it to LA with a gun.

Second, why is Jenelle so indignant on  behalf of David? Didn't David get fired from MTV from being a rampant homophobe? Isn't David considered a threat by many at MTV? There's really no point in being angry on behalf of David, 'cause David just isn't an example of a model date.

Third, seriously, this is what Jenelle is upset about this week? Who Farrah brough with her to CMT awards? Doesn't she have better stuff to be upset about? Isn't there enough conflict, poverty, trauma going on right now that Jenelle should use her social media following to whine about something better than who is being brought as a date to award shows.

If this is what Jenelle is getting indignant about nowadays, she sure doesn't have problems anymore.

That's our piece for now. Stay tuned for more news and expository essays on the Teen Moms. 



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