Jenelle Evans Goes Low on Twitter on Nathan! Her Shocking Accusations

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has decided that Nathan fired the first shot in the epic war for Kaiser and now, she's firing back. It clear that Jenelle doesn't believe in damage control, because if she did, she wouldn't be slinging shots at Nathan.

Instead, she's be taking responsibility for the gun incident with Jace and or/ even apologizing for her actions.

We all know she could potentially win an award for worst mom of the year, so she'd be a lot better off just admitting that she's been in the wrong this season.

INSTEAD, Jenelle is all over Twitter firing away at Nathan. Let's see what she had to say in response to his filing for custody of Kaiser. 

“If you’re so ‘concerned’ about your son why haven’t you call him to see how he’s been lately?” Evans tweeted on Friday. “Oh yeah, you don’t care.

Silly me, I forgot.” Jenelle went on to tweet, Oh wait, you’ve never called him. That would be giving you credit you don’t deserve.”

Nathan, despite all of his legal troubles, seems to have gained the upper hand here in the televised sequence of Jenelle pulling out a gun in a road rage incident in front of Jace.

Apparently, Nathan has filed for full custody of Kaiser and his motion noted that Jenelle is a "iolent person who is a danger to the minor child” and also accused both Jenelle and David of having "drug dependency and substance abuse issues." Of course, it didn't help that Enlsey tested positive for THC at birth, an event which Jenelle has attested to being truth and has stated for the record that she did in fact smoke marijuana during her pregnancy.


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