Jenelle Evans Dismisses 911 Call as Family Worries for Her Safety

Jenelle Evans

The Jenelle Evans saga continues. It now turns out that Jenelle is reportedly dismissing all of the drama over her 911 call accusing David of trying to hurt her while everyone else in her life continues to worry about the nature of her marriage with David.

Hmmm, some food for thought. However, we're going to take the opposite view here and offer up our perspective on why Jenelle may not necessarily be a damsel in distress in this situation. Let's take a closer look:

Jenelle has a knack for being crazy. Like, really crazy.

For instance, she pulled a gun on someone who wasn't even really giving her a hard time on the road and in the situation, David actually was the one who didn't support her.

In fact, David thought she was nuts for pushing the situation to the point that she did.

Jenelle has a tendency to call the cops. A lot. In the heat of the moment.

Then, she regrets it and backs down. We've seen this happen many, many times on Teen Mom 2.

Remember the time, Jenelle called the cops on her mom after Jace called her and said that Babs was hitting him? Unfortunately, Jenelle does have a tendency to cry wolf and it's something the cameras happen to have documented a lot.

Lastly, there were a slew of witnesses at the party at which everything went down. Reportedly, Jenelle and David had some friends over complete with a bonfire.

So how come none of them have made any comments? We think it's notable that even though friends and family have offered up their concerns about Jenelle potentially being a victim of domestic violence, we think it's possible that Jenelle herself might actually be the assailant here.


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