Jenelle Evans's Descent Into Chaos

Theoretically, you could make the argument that Jenelle's life is no different than it was before. Jenelle constantly headed to the courthouse. Check. Jenelle dealing with one of her baby daddy's calling CPS on her. Check.

Jenelle getting angry with the media and acting nuttier than ever through videos she insists on posting on her social media. Check. But one, very important point, is different. So what's that.

Jennelle is no longer on MTV. And while the media may be trolling her and providing a lot of coverage over David's recent escapades, we really do fear for Jenelle. Because even though David is slightly more aligned with Jenelle now that MTV has fired her, we suspect these two are going to seriously self-destruct once they run out of money for their drug habits. Yep.

It's clear that Jenelle and David smoke a lot of pot together which seems to be pretty much the only thing that probably keeps them glued to each other. But that money is going down the drain now.

Just ask Farah.

So, what's next for Jenelle? She's clearly trying to control the conversation given that she's now posting warnings on her Instagram that noone should be posting anything about how any media have talked to Jenelle (unless of course they have talked to her). We have a feeling this has more to do with the fact that she and David are trying to make as much money as possible right now through media inside scoops.

Yep. At least her manager is doing a good job. But we have a strong feeling this is one manager who is going to ditch Jenelle pretty soon...


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