Jenelle Evans And David Eason Are Starting A School?!!! The Shocking News

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle and David are either on a mission to create a cult or there's some method to their madness. We think it's more likely to be the first.

It turns out, that this spring, Jenelle filed a notice of intent to create a school on her property with David called, "West Croft Leadership Academy." Okay, that title made us seriously laugh out loud.

It sounds like Jenelle and David decided that name sounded all "fa-aaaancy."

So who's going to be attending West Croft Leadership Academy? Well, Jenelle and David already have their first student prepped and ready to go. Sounds like it's going to be David's daughter, Marissa. Oh boy.

So much for her education. Now that she's going to be taught by Jenelle, she has a lot of gun toting and tweeting to look forward to.

And it seems, Jenelle can't seem to stop trading barbs with Kail, despite how low she sinks with David's rants and her well-known volatility. In fact, Kail made sure to make fun of Jenelle's command of the English language: 

According to Starcasm, here's what Kayle had to say:

“Is her stepdaughter sitting ‘a crossed’ from her at the table?” Kail tweeted in response, referencing an earlier tweet from Jenelle in which she wrote: “…we hiked, lost a GoPro then had to rock climb, found a waterfall, walked a crossed a cool creek.”

Now that the battle between Bri and Kail has taken a snooze, it seems it's only heated up between Jenelle and Kail. 

Although Marissa might be attending Jenelle and David's homeschool, it does appear that Kaiser and Jace are still attending their respective schools.

Of course, Nathan and Babs would probably have to sign off on those transfers, which is probably why these two will wind up getting a reasonable education.

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