Jenelle Continue to Heckle on Twitter - Learn More Here!

As usual, Jenelle is back at it, making sure to engage with her fans in as negative a light as possible.

What is she up to now? The conflict played out on Twitter, as one would expect - with Jenelle being sure to clap back any of the haters. Let's take a look at the details:

Jenelle recently posted a photo of herself and her daughter at the airport, indicating that they were flying. However, Jenelle had also, in the past, made a REALLY big deal about the fact that she couldn't fly due to a number of medical issues, including esophageal spasms.

More recently, Jenelle had also been posting about having the flu.

Followers then began posting about how Jenelle shouldn't fly considering she could be spreading germs then began wondering why she could fly at all, considering the drama she'd made up about her esophagus. 

Jenelle, of course, made sure to clap back, telling her fans they're "up in [my] business."

One of the things we find shocking is that Jenelle seems to be shocked when people react in a public way to her doing whatever she does and posting about it.

Um, yes, that's what happens when you post about things on social media. People WILL react.

 Let's see how this story plays out...wouldn't be surprised if Jenelle had more to say later on...


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