Jenelle Attempts to Distract US From 911 Debacle

Jenelle Evans

Typical Jenelle. Now that it's been a week, both Jenelle AND David have decided to pretend her insane 911 call never happened.. These two have decided to spin their marriage into the marriage heaven we all know it isn't.

Then again, we wonder if this is what life is like being married to Jenelle. You have to put up with intermittent 911 calls against you accusing you of assault.

But seriously, was this Jenelle's cry for help or a typical night in a tumultuous marriage. 

It's possible we've got a little bit of both. 

Jenelle had taken down her social media but now appears to have put everything up again, including reposting her Instagram . And of course, we have to see Jenelle gloating about how wonderful her family it. 

Still, it seems strange to us that after blowouts between the two, David always seems to be doing his best to get on Jenelle's good side.

In this case, he posted a number if pics of Jenelle on his own social media, making some lewd remarks about her and how much he appreciated her.

Was it possible David was guilty of something with Jenelle and was trying to make up for it?

Although reports indicate that the actual incident with the bonfire and the 911 call was not filmed for MTV, we've not doubt that the events following the 911 call did in fact make the film and so we'll get to see exactly what went down afterward.

What do you think? Are Jenelle and David trying to falsely pass off the last week's events as a "lover's spat"? 


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