Jenelle and David's Shocking Publicity Stunt

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans shocked the world with her reported breakup with David Eason. But now, it appears the entire thing may have been a huge publicity stunt.

Yep, folks, it looks like these two are back together. Jenelle seems to have miraculously changed her social media status once again and has been posting pics of her gallivanting with David.

So what gives? 

Fan theory has it that these two pulled a publicity stunt. It certainly makes sense given that Kail appears to be the mom on Teen Mom 2 who has gained the most financially from the show.

After all, Kail is soon going to be featured having her own dating show.

On the other hand, now that Jenelle is no longer allowed to film with David, her air time seems to have gone down quite a bit.

Is it possible that Jenelle is trying to take advantage of the media to get her groove back and draw more attention to her social media presence to score more endorsements?

Either way, it's clear that Jenelle is a pretty self-destructive person so we wouldn't be surprised if this were in fact her last season. 

The next time these two ":breakup" however, don't expect as a much of a media blowout. 



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