Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 22: Why Did Jenelle Call 911 on Babs Again???!!!

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle and David certainly ended the last episode with a bang considering how much they managed to turn the drama over to them and Jenelle's issues last episode. So what was the follow up? Read on....


Kail has apparently decided to put the drama behind her especially when she tells Jo and her producers about what happened. Still, the producers decided to try to egg Kail on by getting her to talk about Javi.

However, Kail goes all diva and announces that she's never going to film about Javi again. Oh boy. You made your money televising this stuff honey, nobody wants to see anything but this...

Kail has decided to help Jo out with a fundraising event he's set up for the devastation in Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, Jo is trying to get used to calling Kail's "friend" Dom, "daddy Dom." Hmmm, are Kail and Dom together or what? Uh oh, Dom also happens to call Kail a "half lesbian." Hmmm, so are they or aren't they? At the actual fundraising event, Kail and Dom definitely give each other some ''looks."

On their way home, Kail plays coy about her relationship to Dom. 



Leah tells a friend about the reunion and how paranoid she felt about being put in the middle of the Kail-Bri meltdown. According to Leah, everyone was fighting backstage.

Apparently, Leah thinks things were a step down for her since she feels she was on an episode of reality TV "housewives." Um, honey, you're the step down since the housewives were able to keep a condom on for a reasonable period of time.

In the next scene, there's a very confusing scene in which Leah's twins hae a dispute with each other. Hard to know what happened since these girls all seem to have the same name.

Leah threatens to call Corey, and does, and it's very hard to hear what's going on since Corey sounds so much like a King of the Hill character.

Once everyone calms down, all head out to go trick or treating. Leah points out to Jeremy how much Addie enjoys having him around.

Leah points out that Jeremy is a deadbeat dad. Again, it's also very, very hard to understand Jeremy given the similarity of his voice to Boomhauser.


Bri has a chance to have her own decompression while getting her nails down with a friend. Bri announces that Javi is actually coming down to see her for two full days. She doesn't know what to expect.

Javi is apparently more inquisitive about Stella and Nova than their own fathers. Seems like a very low standard to meet.

Bri is excited to spend time with Javi and the girls. Nova goes straight for spending time with Javi.

Sounds like Nova's issues with boundaries already got tested with Bri's last temporary boyfriend. Meanwhile, Javi scores enough point with the kids to ensure he'll get laid this weekend.

Later, Bri and Javi return home and Javi winds up having a sit-down with Bri's mother who calls Bri a "good girl" and cross-examines Javi. Um, honey, you're two teenage pregnancies too late with this one. Javi points that Roxanne was really grilling him which Bri notes she didn't ask for.

Javi and Bri head out on their date and Bri points out that she's guarded because she's been hurt so much. Javi says that Bri's being an independent woman is what attracted him to her. Ummm, sure.


Here's another one who's so eager to hide anything that makes her look bad. A little late for that. Chelsea announces that she stopped taking birth control.

Apparently, Aubrey has been given the task of charting Chelsea's ovulation cycle. Wait, seriously. Is that true?

Later, Chelsea discusses the custody arrangement she has with Adam with her friend. She feels Adam is erratic and sees no reason as to why Aubrey has to continue seeing him. Umm. Yes. Duh. 

We then find out that Adam plans to go back to court with Chelsea to contest child-support.

Chelsea points out she would be honest about about the fact that Adam has gone to jail since he "doesn't have his life together." Ummm, yeah, but you're the one who had a child with him.


Babs shares some pizza with Jace in the park. Meanwhile, Jenelle starts searching for dirt on Babs through Jace's therapist but of course, winds up finding out that she needs to "connect more" with Jace. Naturally, Jenelle is defensive in response. Apparently, the therapist also thinks that Jace needs to have 1:1 sessions with David.

Wow. Jenelle simply did not get the therapist's implications here that the problematic relationship is between Jenelle and Jace and David and Jace. We have a feeling this will definitely have to be spelled out for Jenelle.

In the next scene, we hear Jenelle calling 911 telling them that Jace just tried calling her telling her that Babs hit him. Later, Jenelle repeats the conversation she had to David.

Jenelle points out to David that she doesn't want Jace growing up the way she did with all of the "yelling and screaming." Hmm, as opposed to his living with someone who knives balloons on air or who chases other drivers on the road down and crashes their mailboxes.

We then find out Babs's side of the story. She points out that Jenelle called the cops on her. Jace was having a meltdown and when Babs set limits Jace acted out by calling Jenelle.

The cops got there and Jace noted that Babs didn't him. Babs rightly points out that Jace's future is highly precarious.

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