Javi Steals Spotlight from Kailyn

javi marroquin

Javi recently revealed that he's going to be the subject of a Teen Mom special, which means that we'll be seeing a lot more of the conflict between him and Kailyn.

Even though Kail is on pregnancy #3 and at lot more consumed by post pregnancy drama with Chris, it seems that her baby daddies come back to haunt her since Javi's special is sure to commant quite a bit of attention.

Apparently fans have been looking for a special on Javi for quite a while and Javi finally responded to fan's question about the topic, saying that a special on him is actually going to be airing soon.

Seriously, who wants to see more about the made-up drama between Javi and Kail? In the last few weeks of Teen Mom 2 episodes, Kail has both announced her pregnancy by another man, signed on the dotted line of her divorce papers to Javi and filed a protection against abuse claim on him.

It seems that more drama has happened between these two than anything in the duration of their entire marriage.

Any guesses on what's going to go down on the special? Are we going to see more about Javi's dating life and his lame attempts to hit on other Teen Mom 2 stars like Briana? Or we will get to see him in uniform.

Leave us your guesses below.

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