Javi Spills Deets About Briana, The Book On Kail's Podcast

javi maroquin

On today's Coffee Convos with Kailyn and Lindsie, Kail invited Javi on, and he dished on some interesting stuff.

On co-parenting

Kail says co-parenting is "bitching at Javi". She claims that Javi doesn't make Lincoln brush his teeth.

Javi disputed that and said that since he works, his mom has her own way of doing things. He says he does make Lincoln brush his teeth.

Kail also insists that Javi doesn't make Lincoln nap.

Will Kail and Javi ever get back together?

Javi gives the standard non-answer: we'll never let go of each other but we argue a lot. Kail complains about Javi, who admits that he's a "reactive person".

Will they ever finish their book ("He said, she said")?

Kail complains that neither of them had anything positive to say.

She says that they finished to book, but afterward Kail realized that she didn't want to publish it because it was so negative. She says she may consider rewriting it as a co-parenting book.

Kail also says that if she didn't have the relationship on TV, it would have gone a different way.

About Briana

Javi wishes there was a conversation between Kail and Bri before.

Javi claims that Bri is much better than she is portrayed on TV, which angers Kail. Kail says she and Bri will never get along, and Javi is a bad guy for not defending her.

Kail says the whole thing started on a bad note because of all the denials, and Javi agrees.

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