How Vee Really Feels about Kail

vee torres

Tonight MTV is going to be featuring a special on Vee, Jo's girl. We all know that Jo moved on a while ago with Vee, but an interesting question will be what the controversy on Vee will be on tonight's special.

We're wondering why MTV is featuring Vee at all.

As you've probably noticed, Vee doesn't get nearly as much air time as someone like Mackenzie did on Teen Mom OG. And that makes sense because Jo doesn't have a whole lot going on, whereas Ryan did.

The other issue too is that Mackenzie seemed to interact quite a bit with Maci while Vee seems to be in her own world and Kail operate pretty independently of her.

In fact, Kail doesn't seem to interact with Jo all that much either.

One thing's for sure, Vee is clearly using the special as an opportunity to launch her own business and hawk merchandise because she's really started to promote a business where she sells hats. Is there anyone on teen mom who isn't hawking something.

The other thing that shocked us about Vee is that companies actually contact her to test out their products and gain endorsements on her social media. Really? Vee?

In any case, be sure to check out our review of MTV's special airing tonight on Vee and find out how Vee really feels about Kail.

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